Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 4.0

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery allows you to crack passwords of ZIP files
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Advanced ZIP Password Recovery allows you to crack passwords of ZIP files. This might sound like this is an illegal tool, but it is actually the opposite. Sometimes, we forget the passwords we set for our password-protected ZIP files, and there is one way to do it. Since there is not a way to simply deduct the password of a ZIP file directly, this application uses two methods: brute-force and dictionary attacks. The brute-force method is perhaps the most efficient one. It tries to every possible combination of characters. However, that can take some long time depending on the length of the password and the processing power of your computer. The other method uses a dictionary of common passwords to try and see if there is a match there. The application does a good job of recovering passwords and has some extra features. Advanced ZIP Password Recovery allows you to stop and resume password searches, to try to find passwords of self-extracting files, and more. This application can only work with one file at a time, but you can open as many instances of the program as you want. However, the cheapest solution is to never lose your password; it could save you $50.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you to crack the protection of ZIP files
  • It's fast and easy to use


  • It's not so fast
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